Fergus Beeley was keen on nature from an early age. He spent his gap year working with the Pitjantjatjarra tribe in Central Australia before going on to study Anthropology at the University of Durham. In 1983, Fergus specialized in the subject of human ecology, which was a new and exciting field, as it included much zoology.

It was Fergus's clear passion for nature and good knowledge of wildlife that gained him a successful interview with BBC’s Natural History Unit in 1989.

Since then, he has travelled to remote wilderness areas on every major continent, including across Asia when it was the former Soviet Union. He is comfortable camping in high mountain, bush, desert, remote island and rainforest terrain.

Fergus worked with Sir David Attenborough on many films including the landmark series, Life of Birds. He was Executive Producer and Presenter of many award winning films for BBC Natural World, PBS and National Geographic Explorer. He was series producer of the award winning series ‘Planet Earth – the future’ for BBC, Discovery and NHK.

In 2014 Fergus was appointed a Director of Fountain Digital Labs to manage the business and creative development of an app called Virry which went on to win a Webby Award and a BAFTA Award in 2015. As a Media Consultant he advises on creative multi-platform strategies. As an Ambassador for Steppes Travel, Fergus works closely with worldwide conservation organisations.

Fergus is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society in London and the Explorers Club of New York. He loves traditional jazz (Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller) and has recently revived the internationally acclaimed dixieland jazz band, the Slaughterhouse Seven.